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Make risky water safe to drink

  • Filter 99.999% of contaminants
  •  Chemical & battery-free
  • Eliminate odors and improve taste
  • Try it 45 days RISK-FREE

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The Aqua Purifier decontaminates your water at a molecular level. It improves your water’s taste and maintains essential minerals like magnesium and potassium.

As you drink through a 4 stage filter located inside the straw, haramful contaminants like lead, chlorine and pesticides are trapped in activated coconut carbon.

Then a 0.00001mm Ultra Filtration Membrane blocks the smallest bacteria and microplastic from infecting your water. Finaly, antibacterial beads keep your filter sterile by preventing bacteria build-up.

Confidently hydrate yourself from any source even lakes, ponds and rivers!

How To Use

HIKERSPHERE Aqua Purifier is easy to use

1. Fill up your bottle

Use water from any source excepted for SALT water

2. Sip and enjoy

Simply drink from the straw and enjoy clean refreshing water

3. Storing when done

Once you’re done using your filter simply blow out the water in the filter and let it dry in a cool place

Product Details

Package Includes :

-1x The Aqua Purifier

-Carabiner clip

-Regular straw,

-Hidden Compass


- Applicable object: water, lake, river, pond etc.

-Size: 9.5" x 4.5" x 3" (24 x 11 x 8 cm)

-Volume capacity: 22 oz (650 ml)

-Weight: 0.46 lb (210g)

-Material: BPA free Tritan®


-Cartridge life: 400 Gallons (1500L)

-Flow rate: 450 mL/min

-Filter accuracy: 0.01 micron

-Doesn’t require batteries or chemicals


Ultra filtration membrane:

-Removes 99.999% of: Bacteria, parasites, protozoa, microplastics, pesticides and more
Coconut activated carbon

-Removes heavy metal and chlorine, neutralizes odors and improves water taste

Antibacterial beads:

-Inhibits bacteria growth inside the filter

Medical PP cotton:

-Removes sand, mud and cloudiness as pre-filter
-Filter retains essential minerals like magnesium and potassium that are good for your health


-Leak proof lock
-Shock resistant

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Are you tired of doubting if the tap water is safe to drink? Turn any source into pure drinkable water without getting sick.



The Aqua Purifier instantly delivers clean drinking water from any source world wide. It removes waterborne pathogens, filters out contaminants and protects your health.


Simply fill up and sip! As you drink through a 4 stage filtration system, the water is being purified enhancing it's taste.


We make your safety our top priority, that’s why our ultra filtration membrane has a tested accuracy of 0.01 micron, preventing even the smallest of bacteria of infiltrating your water.


Scientist developed and tested by independent third party labs.


With a large filtering capacity, a single Aqua Purifier delivers the same amount of clean water as 3,000 plastic water bottles. A considerable investment for your wallet that has a positive environmental impact.


Enjoy peace of mind knowing you can hydrate from any water source without fearing for your health.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

The Aqua Purifier uses a 2 stage filtration system. As you drink through the tip, heavy metals, chlorine and other chemicals are removed by coconut activated carbon. Water then passes through medical PP cotton which removes sand, and mud as a pre-filter. Finally, harmful bacteria and like colibacilus, legionella and salmonella are trapped and removed in a ultra filtration membrane containing anti-bacterial beads to inhibit bacteria growth inside.

How long does it last?

A single cartridge last up to 400 gallons (1500L). Meaning if you were to drink 3L a day it could last you 500 days!

How do I know when it's time for a new cartridge?

As you use your Aqua Purifier, the cartridge will slowly diminish it's flow rate near the end. To prevent you from drinking unsafe water, the filter will not suck anymore water after 400 Gallons (1500L) When three years have elapsed (since first use), it is time to replace your cartridge. Note: when you are not using the cartridge simply blowout excess water and exchange it for the included regular straw.

What kind of water does the Aqua Purifier treat.

The Aqua Purifier can filter and purify virtually any freshwater source. Hikersphere filtration and purification technologies cannot desalinate water, so stay away from salty or brackish water. When treating freshwater, always begin with the cleanest (least silty, least contaminated) water available. For instance, streams and rivers are generally better than lakes and bogs, which often have higher levels of sediment or tannins.

The Aqua Purifier cartridges are designed to remove low levels of chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, etc., but are NOT designed to protect against industrial disasters, coal ash spills, very high lead levels, mercury, nuclear disasters, high tannin concentrations or water that contains toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria). In these conditions, it is very important to find another water source.

What materials are the Aqua Purifier?

The Aqua Purifier is made of BPA-FREE Tritan. The filter component contains plant based coconut activated carbon and the ultrafiltration membrane is composed of light weight polymeric membranes.

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